Wednesday, March 3, 2010


For first timers to this blog....please scroll down and read the first entry!!!

I don't know how to add to this blog without having to re-post that initial entry every time. I need people to come to this blog and get that information right off the bat. Anyone know how to make that a permanent top post...or have any other ideas on how I can inform people about the fundraiser without them getting lost in new blog entries?

I'm not sure how many of you coming here may know that I lost a baby in January. When I first found out I was pregnant, I bought a little glass blue bird and had it hanging on my tree. I was calling this baby Bluebird for that idea of a bluebird of happiness. I still call the baby Bluebird...although now the baby lives in Heaven. This is a bit of a post that I had written on another, more personal, blog that I have....

Please pray that I get enough sponsors to make this water slide a reality, pray that I would be motivated and committed to this process, pray that the weight would melt off of me (lol). I realized this morning that this could be something good that could come out of the loss of my baby. I'm not pregnant, so I can lose weight now. I'm not pregnant, so I can go to Bolivia this summer if the finances work out. I can make a change in my life...make the miscarriage a turning point instead of a hole I get sucked down in to. I wish it hadn't happened. I would rather be pregnant now. And I am crying as I write that. But I can try to make something good come of this. And if this weight-loss fundraiser works out...if I can raise enough to build that water can bet that somewhere on it, somehow, I am putting a bluebird. I miss you, Bluebird. So much. So very, very much. I love you and can't wait to hold you one day.


  1. i am with you girlie! (maybe not monetarily, but am working on it:) you will have my prayers if nothing else...

  2. Thanks Patti! I know how your prayers are, so I appreciate that!!!