Monday, March 8, 2010

Day One

For first timers to this blog, please scroll down and read the first entry!

Today is the start day of My Loss/Their Gain. I weighed in this morning and now have an official start weight. (Do you guys need to know what that is, or can I just post the amounts I have gained/lost over the next three months?) I am excited and ready to do this. I will be doing my own modified version of Weight Watchers point counting, and will be working out 6 days a week. I plan on using an elliptical...I have a rain check for a decent on at Kmart, but it isn't in yet...and will be walking outside until Brad leaves for his truck driving training. I also am planning on adding in some pilates to mix things up a bit. Anyone recommend a good beginner Pilates DVD?

Are you guys interested in a posting of what I eat during the day? Interested in recipes? What would you like to see on here...weight updates over the weeks, or just a grand finale result?

I feel the pressure now that I've committed to doing this, and in such a public way, but I am glad to have that pressure. I have always worked better under it. :) I am thrilled to be able to help Monte Blanco out in this way, and can't wait to lose the weight and get back to Bolivia one of these days to go down that water slide! I will be posting more details about the project itself later on this week.

If anyone has an "in" with a way to help spread the word about this challenge, please let me know! I have 22 sponsors so far, and would ideally love to have over 100. I would also love to have other people who want to lose weight come on board and get their own sponsors for this. What a great way to lose weight and help out other people at the same time!

Please keep me in your prayers, and talk about this challenge to other people!


  1. good luck~ i know you can do it! i don't know any pilates dvd's but jillian michaels has some great ones (no more trouble spots and 30 days shred) that have beginner, intermediate and advanced workouts to ease into. They are great for strength training and toning. has awesome recipes~ all the meals are under 500 calories! I will keep you posted if I find any other good things:)

  2. indoors: make sure and lift light to moderate weights. building muscle burns more and longer than even what cardio will do for you. squats (done right) and lunges will work your lower large muscles. huge fat zappers. 3 sets of 15 (work up to that) you are gonna do it!

  3. Oooh, great advice girls! Thanks so much!!!