Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day Two

First timers to the blog....please scroll down and start at the first entry!

Yesterday was....well, it was interesting. Hubs was home, and wanted to go out to eat. I managed to talk him out of going for breakfast, and I ate some truly yummy oatmeal...the Quaker True Delights Hazelnut Latte kind. Very yummy, and filling. It has chunks of hazelnut in it, so for you people who love crunchy things like I do, it has a great texture! However, he wanted to go to lunch and Perkins was his restaurant of choice. There is no light menu at Perkins. The best I could find was to order the Teriyaki Salmon with broccoli and herb rice, but when I got home and looked up the nutritional information, it was loaded with fat. They cook their broccoli in butter, and they must have oiled that Salmon to death. So head's up all you people who plan to eat out in the New Castle area...avoid Perkins...Bob Evans has many light menu options.

I met with the girls last night to get dessert and go see a movie, and instead of buying dessert, I chomped on a piece of gum. I plan on using that any time I'm sitting and watching or reading. My mouth has a tendency to want to be moving while doing both of those things, and chewing gum helps curb my snacking impulses. I did have the small free popcorn (although it really wasn't very good, so I will have no problem saying no to it in the future) but no butter on it.

For today, I started the day with my coffee....duh...and two slices of Pepperidge Farm 100% Whole Wheat bread, at 1 point per slice, with a bit of Brummel and Brown spread on it, and Apricot fruit spread. I used the whole tablespoon of butter, at 1 pt. per tablespoon, but in the future I will use less, I don't need that much butter on it. I plan to get some sugar free jam later today.

Ali posted a fantastic website in my comments yesterday. It is called eatingwell.com and has recipes for tons of meals that are under 500 calories a piece. I'm lovin' the page of recipes for under $3!!! I'll be using some of those recipes, and I'll let you know my thoughts on the ones I use.

Still no elliptical. Ugh. My stairs are looking pretty good today, so I will probably do a bunch of up and downs on those. If you hear me yelling, it is because I fell down them and stuck my head through the wall. :)

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