Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Week Three Wrap-Up

First timers to blog...please scroll down and read first entries first.

I know I am way behind on this update. Believe me, I got here as quick as I could! A week ago today, I had the amazing opportunity to present my fundraiser at church. I was given 5 minutes of time on stage to talk about the Monte Blanco camp, to talk about the water slide project, and to talk about my weight-loss fundraiser. I was very nervous before speaking (imagine, getting up in front of everyone and telling hundreds of folks that you are working on losing weight!), and kept telling my husband that I couldn't believe I was about to do this. I knew it would take lots of guts (figuratively and literally ha ha) to stand there and have all of those eyes on me. I prayed the whole way to church that God would help me be calm, that He would give me some sign that He was with me. Imagine how thrilled I was to see that the last song the worship team sang before I spoke was "It is Well With My Soul" (that has been God's special song to me during this time of grieving the loss of my baby and my Grandma). What a moment of feeling God reach out and hug me. It helped me calm down before speaking, and the time went very well. Right at the end of the talk I felt like God wanted me to mention the other reason why I wanted to lose weight. How I had lost a baby and wanted to give my pain to God. How I was asking Him to turn my sorrow into joy...the joy of the kids coming down that water slide, the joy that comes when you come to know Christ, the joy of accomplishing something that has been a struggle for me for so long. I struggled a bit to talk about that without crying, but God was with me during that too. Many people stopped by after small group to encourage me, thank me for sharing, etc. A number signed up to sponsor me. A few mentioned that they would like to join the weight-loss part of this fundraiser also. I smiled and praised God the whole way home.

Starting Wednesday night my Dad's family begin to arrive in Grandma's memorial service was Saturday. All together there were about 30 of us here. I mention this because I knew that Thursday through Sunday were going to be difficult diet days...after all, there was a 6 foot long table packed high with cookies, brownies, chips, spinach dip, pecan bars, etc. We ate almost all meals together, and I knew that I had no control over what food would be offered. I chose wisely, ignored the dinner rolls and the chips, and filled up on veggies and fruit. I took my own yogurt/strawberries/granola mix for breakfasts, and stayed away from the donuts, egg casseroles, and crescent rolls. I ate two cookies (thanks Cathy!) and half of one of my sister-in-law's pecan bars. I think that is pretty good considering that there was day after day after day of tempting food in front of me. So what was my weigh-in accomplishment this past week?!?! I am down a total of 11 pounds since my start date. Eleven pounds in 3 weeks. Whoot!

This week has started out a bit rough...I stress ate Monday night after finding out that my Husband was not getting a job we had been counting on. But I dusted myself off the next day and today, and I know that I will just keep moving along on this journey.

A few non-scale successes....I fit into a pair of jeans that I haven't worn in about a year. I even fit in a pair one more size down! I bought a shirt that was a size smaller than I had been wearing when I started this journey three weeks ago. Several people can see the difference in my face already. I feel healthier and more energetic.

Keep praying for me. This still isn't easy for me. Thank you all so much for your prayers and support!!!


  1. Dear Julie, You did a GREAT job sharing at Growth Groups...there was a peace about you; you did NOT look nervous at all! I'm very proud of you! As Felicia would say, "YOU GO, GIRL!!!!" ...Karen Chenoweth

  2. Thank you so much Karen...that was really nice to hear!