Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Grace and weight-loss

We have been doing a great study at church. Sunday morning sermons have been a verse by verse study of Romans. And this last week our pastor spoke on grace. This line hit me, "God is not angry with you. He is not ashamed or embarrassed by you." There is nothing we have done, or will do, that can make God love us less or more. He simply loves us. The same yesterday, today, tomorrow. There are times that I, as a parent, am angry at my kids, ashamed by how they act, embarrassed by what they say or do....but God doesn't feel that about us. He already knows everything we will ever do, and He loved us enough to send His own son to die for us. Grace. Once I accepted that gift of grace, I became His child. Forever and always. Grace.

I am flopping at this weight-loss thing. I am still down weight, but have not lost any more. I am struggling to eat right. Struggling to exercise. I know all the reasons why I want to do this. I have the tools I need. Yet I am failing. And for some reason the thought that God sees that too, that He is not ashamed of me in my failings, makes me want to try harder. I am trying to figure out a way to turn this over to turn my food issues over to get His help with this, and I would welcome any advice you may have. Pray before eating? What are some different ways I can look at food? I use food to fill my boredom, to feel better about myself (I know, so backwards....believe me, I know!), to socialize. Continue to pray for me. Please.

I have a million house projects I want to do....I want to switch bedrooms with the kids, turn Landon's old room into an office/craft room for me, paint a bunch of furniture, etc. I'm looking forward to making our home work better for us. Part of that is getting it organized and cleared out. These kinds of projects help me to eat better...less boredom when I'm working! LOL

Few things I am doing right....
I started recycling.
I joined that supported agriculture...and will be getting fresh produce all summer long. Hubs thinks it is a waste of money, but I know it isn't. It is good for us. And good for the earth.
I picked up another weight-loss person to join in on the fundraiser with me. He already has 20 sponsors. Yeah! Pray for him on his journey too. His name is Keith.


  1. weight used to be an issue for me, and what i found that worked for me is giving myself permission to let whatever i wanted at every meal. once i took the "no" away, i found i made the best choices (most of the time). it's a control thing. if you aren't letting the "no's"control the situation, then you may find it easier to say yes to your goal.

    ♥ u!

  2. Julie,
    I am struggling with the same thing. I can't believe how overweight I am and how awful I feel about my body. I just posted to a private message board just how overwhelmed I am by this. I am good at the exercising part - I do my elliptical for 25 min every morning and take a 2 milke walk/jog every day after lunch. But the food part, I want to eat ALL THE TIME! I have switched to healthier snacks, so I don't have to just not eat, but even eating almonds, lowfat cottage cheese, rice cakes etc when I am hungry doesn't help. My stomach is actually growling as I type this to you, and I just ate 20 almonds and about 1/2c cottage cheese. sigh. You are not alone my friend. I too am praying for God's help here, I obviously can't, and shouldn't do this on my own. I have begun to make sure I am listening to Christian music while working out instead of just whatever is hip right now, and am hoping that will help me to focus more on God as well. Anyway, you inspired me to start this awhile back and I am NOT giving up or giving in. But it is SO hard. I actually gained a pound in the last 5.5 weeks and didn't lose anything. *sigh*